Feel the Cloud in your hands

Distributed systems are getting more and more popular and necessary for the industrial usage in IT. From Google to Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and all other big shoots like them are concentrating on distributed storage, systems and analyzers. Cloud computing starts with distributed systems. The definition of Cloud Computing from NIST is as “Cloud computing is […]

Analysing the risk factor of buggy SSL validation system

  Introduction SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most standard security technology used in internet communications between a server and a client. A client can be a browser based website or non-browser based client application. Based on the type of application, SSL enables a secured transmission of credit-card information, user personal information or login credentials […]

XHTML Well-formedness Validation with Prolog

Here I am presenting a prolog program that will check the well-formedness of an XHTML document. The term XHTML well-formedness describes an XHTML document where all the texts follows all the syntactic rules labeled as well-formedness rules in the XHTML specification.   Detailed Working Process My prolog program will read input from a file xhtml_nodes.txt […]