XHTML Well-formedness Validation with Prolog

Here I am presenting a prolog program that will check the well-formedness of an XHTML document. The term XHTML well-formedness describes an XHTML document where all the texts follows all the syntactic rules labeled as well-formedness rules in the XHTML specification.   Detailed Working Process My prolog program will read input from a file xhtml_nodes.txt […]

Using unity for IoC and DI – Part 2 (further decoupling)

This article is an extension of my previous article Using unity for IoC and DI. I would recommend reading that article before start reading this article. However in the previous article I have demonstrated how to install Unity container in a .NET project and how we use that container to decouple our layers; for example […]

Using Unity for IoC and DI

In this article I will try to describe all about using unity in our .NET projects and thus how to implement IoC (inversion of control) and DI(Dependency Injection). Description of the Objects Going straight to a class library project(.net) which will we follow through out this article. In the project we have a Book class […]