Have faith in your detective mind while dealing with php.ini and apache2

  More or less we all know that solving a problem in the programming world needs a lot detective work. And to my experience (mostly from hollywood movies) on detective operations there is some rule of thumbs. Follow the trail up to a reasonable ending Try to link the points However last night I was […]

Simple shell script to kill an application

Shell scripts are awesome. One can do whatever with a shall script. With  whatever i mean whatever deadly or creative. However in this article I will try to show how can a simple script be used to kill an application. What ever application you start from a command prompt. Now the question is what is the […]

How to open an existing Autotools project in Eclipse CDT

This is a very basic article about how to open an existing AutoTools project in Eclipse CDT. Yet it will waste some of our time specially if we don’t know that we have to convert an ordinary makefile project to an AutoTools project even if we have all the AutoTools files (configure.in, MakeFile.am etc.) in […]

Eclipse-AutoTools project in Ubuntu and a small head scratch

In this article I will try to demonstrate a very simple way to start an autotools project with Eclipse in Ubuntu. This is very simple except a peculiar problem which may wast your half of the day. While working with autotools projects in Ubuntu 12.0.1 recently I have faced a strange problem. In short the […]